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Mousse Bath Bar! We love their bath bombs!

We’re love trying all-natural and organic bath bombs. We get referred to them quite often actually. We met with Mousse Bath Bar last week and tried some of their all-natural Bath Bombs. Needless to say THEY WERE AMAZING! we tried their “50 suds of gray” bath bomb which had such a light and pleasant smell while leaving our skin feeling SILKY smoooooooth. We’ve used a lot of big name brands in the past with little success as they’re mass produced and contain harmful chemicals. NOT Mousse Bath Bar tho – they use all-natural and all-organic ingredients – even their packaging!

Try them out – they gave us some gift cards so if you’d like to give it a shot send us an email and we’ll send them your way! we only have 10 gift cards so the first 10 to contact gets them.