private investigators

We met Los Angeles Private Investigators!

Over the winter we went and visited Los Angeles! What a thrilling experience that was. Knowing our history, we love checking out to local Private Investigators (We’ve been one before!)

This experience was with a Los Angeles Private Investigator – Point Blank Investigations. We spent over 3 hours with them to really get an idea of their business practices. They mainly focus on investigation services such as: surveillance and missing persons, but we also found out they do security! Its veteran owned and operated and has been nominated as one of the top investigator agencies in California.

It’s always great meeting up with another private investigator at one of our conventions. Especially one with as much experience and prior law enforcement/military. Point Blank Private Investigations definitely hits all the marks to be considered an expert.

If you’re interested in connecting with us or having us feature your business when we visit your state let us know! We’re always happy to connect with our audience and meet up at local conventions.

Update: Point Blank just let us know they started providing Anaheim CA Private Investigator services!